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with a smart blend of country, blues, folk and pop

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Anne J's beautiful story

To her youngest children, hard hit by repeated lockdowns and lack of future prospects, she dedicates the hopeful title Spread Your Wings. Through the words of this song, she encourages them to see their future in a serene way, to never put limits on their ambitions and to always leave a little room for the unknown.

While the whole world is going through very sad hours in 2020, Anne J. confines herself with her guitar and pen and begins to compose songs with the aim of offering a moment of comfort and lightness to her loved ones. She had dreamt of doing this but never found the time to do it.

Mother of 5 growing up children, she did not hesitate, a few years ago, to relaunch her career by going back to school to train in cultural communication.

No wonder for this great art lover who was bathed in music throughout her childhood. Very young already, she shared a passion for singing with her two grandmothers and discovered jazz with an uncle pianist who rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest jazzmen of New Orleans.

As a teenager, she learned playing the guitar in her youth movement and fell in love with pop folk music when American friends made her listen to the incredible John Denver, Simon and Garfunkel and Joan Baez.

It’s the start of a long love affair with vocals, guitar and songwriting. After a musical break to devote herself to her family, it is finally the radical nature of the lock down that will allow Anne J. to embark on an incredible musical project

spread your wings

Mutual aid, encouragement and beautiful encounters have sprinkled the path that leads Anne J. to the creation of this album. By a happy coincidence, Anne crosses paths with Eric Lang, a professional jazz pianist, who becomes the main arranger of her compositions and with whom she records her first takes. Together, they create arrangements that blend straightforward sounds and '70s acoustic chords to create a unique vintage folk pop style. From this bond is born a first promising title: Spread Your Wings and the release of an album in the Fall of 2021.

From this musical and friendly spirit was born the somewhat crazy idea of creating an album. 

As the lock down continues, Anne J. composes other cheerful and upbeat tracks. Her decidedly positive inspiration guided her on the right path: in these difficult times, that's all the public needed!

Very quickly encouraged by her family and friends, she broadcasts her first YouTube videos and organized successful Facebook Live happy hour concerts which enabled her to gather more and more followers for a moment of conviviality and sharing. 

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